How Do Nitric Oxide Boosters Dilate Blood Vessels?

The circulation system is a central biological process whose benefits extend to cover the entire body. Whenever the circulation system develops a problem, the whole body is affected as a unit. The main components of this system are the heart, the blood and the vessels. Many times the heart pumps blood with the same intensity and force as before but due to vessel constriction, the blood does not reach the intended regions. Nitric oxide supplements are one of the trusted boosters that solve this problem so that blood can gush into the tissues once more, to restore your health to its optimal levels.

Chemist at work

Vasodilation, the process through which the blood vessels are made flexible enough to accommodate high volumes of blood, consists of biological events. These events are triggered by nitric oxide as described below.

Step 1-Release of Nitric Oxide

Nitric oxide, which is formed by the conversion of L-arginine through the action of nitric oxide synthase, is released from the nitrosothiols found in hemoglobin. It can also be released from the endothelial cells. Following this release, nitric oxide is diffused into the smooth muscle cells that are found on the lining of the small blood vessels.

Step 2 – Activation of Guanylate Cyclase

In the smooth muscle cells, nitric oxide binds to the guanylate cyclase enzyme resulting into its activation.

Step 3 – Formation of Cyclic Guanosine Monophosphate

The activated guanylate cyclase cleaves to two phosphate groups from a compound called guanosine triphosphate. This forms the cyclic guanosine monophosphate which is used to add a phosphate group to proteins including the contractile protein found in the smooth muscles known as myosin.

Step 4 – Dilation of the Vessel

Once myosin is phosphorylated, the smooth muscle cell relaxes, and this results in the dilation of the vessel.

In any one smooth muscle cell, there is a limited number of guanylate cyclase enzymes present. When all the enzymes are activated, increasing the quantity of nitric oxide does not result in any further vasodilation. This extra and unused nitric oxide is sequestered as a nitrosothiols that is bound to hemoglobin and stored for future use.
The phosphate groups that are bound to the myosin in the smooth muscle cells are later removed, and this restores the blood vessels to their original diameter. The removal of the phosphate groups also known as dephosphorylation is made possible by an enzyme known as phosphatase. If this enzyme is inhibited, the vasodilation will be sustained for a much longer period. Nitric oxide boosters inactivate the phosphatase in order to sustain the vasodilation especially when treating a condition such as erectile dysfunction.

From the explanation above, vasodilation cannot possibly occur in conditions where the production of nitric oxide is suppressed. Without vasodilation, ulcers will take long to hear, nerve damage will accelerate and the circulation of blood organ to critical organs such as the kidney, liver and heart will remain below the normal levels.

As a vasodilator, nitric oxide reduces or counters biological responses including the activation of sympathetic nerves and vasoconstrictor hormones that are responsible for vasoconstriction. In the absence of nitric oxide therefore, the vasoconstrictor hormones will result in low blood flow which reduces tissue perfusion.

In summary, nitric oxide causes dilation of blood vessels through the initiation of biological events which culminate in the relaxation of smooth muscle cells that line the blood vessels. Nitric oxide is the most important countermeasure that the body has against hormonal and nervous vasoconstriction. Whenever the production of nitric oxide is impaired such as the case in diabetic patients, the flow of blood and the whole circulatory system is affected.

In order to fight the loss of sensation exhibited by diabetic patients, nitric oxide boosters are necessary. Ingredients, such as L-Citrulline and Vinpocetine, contained in the best nitric oxide supplements will ensure that both the circulatory and nervous system work optimally.


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